The Son of the Sun (character)

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Tertiary character
The Son of the Sun
The Son of the Sun.png
Planet of originThe Sun
ProfessionNightclub Owner (previously Super-villain)
RelativesThe Human Sun, father
First appearance"Son of the Sun" (US#035)

The Son of the Sun was a villain encountered by The New Justice Team. His main objective was to have revenge on The New Justice Team and the planet Earth after they captured his father, The Human Sun and sent him to jail. He placed miniature extra suns around the Earth in order to create 'permanent daylight and global super heating'. After The New Justice Team failed to capture him while he was on Earth, they are captured by him when they arrive at his fortress on the Sun. When he is about to murder them, they confront him about his fear of the dark and convince him to give night-time a go. He complies and lets The New Justice Team free, and soon opens a nightclub called the 'New New York Sun Nightclub'.

Additional Info

Known Powers

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Emission of bright sunlight
  • Flight


    The Son of the Sun: You see, sundials normally cast shadows, but mine casts solar light with 5,785 degree Kelvin heat!
    Captain Yesterday (Fry): What's that in Fahrenheit?
    Superking (Bender): How about Celsius?
    The Son of the Sun: It's "kill you all instantly" in Fahrenheit and "obliterate you on contact" in Celsius! Does that help?