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The robots trapped in the mine
LocationSaturn orbit
First appearance"A Head in the Polls" (2ACV03)
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Titan is a moon of Saturn. By the year 3000, it became a great mine of Titanium. A mine being dug on Titan collapsed and trapped 1,000 robot workers who will be dead within 300 years. Because of that event, the Titanium price skyrocketed, and since Bender's body is 40% Titanium he sold it. It is unknown if the robots are still trapped or they're already free, though the plan was to pave over the area and get on with life.

Additional Info


  • In the interview with the spokesman, as shown in the top-right corner, what looks like a city is seen. Also, the sky suggests Titan has an Earth-like atmosphere.
    • It is likely that Titan was terraformed prior to the events of the show to make it habitable to humans, like Mars. The sky could've turned blue because of this process.