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LocationGalaxy of Terror
Inhabited byTrisolians
Ruled byBont
Member ofDOOP
First appearance"My Three Suns" (1ACV07)

Located within the darkest depths of the Forbidden Zone in the Galaxy of Terror, Trisol is a desolate, desert world, in a trinary star system. It appears to orbit two main stars, with the third star orbiting farther out. The orbital period of the smallest star appears to be approximately one day. During "night" periods (which probably occur every week), when all three suns are not visible, the Trisolians begin glowing, however the Trisolians are able to stop themselves from glowing.

For some reason, the landing area on Trisol is miles from civilization.

Trinary stars shown with palace in the foreground.

Locations of Interest

  • Landing Area, where the Planet Express Ship lands; miles from the palace.
  • Trisol Palace, large enough to house a massive population of Trisolians. Yes it's made of sand, but it appears to be supported by wood. The palace contains several rooms that are shown in the show. The foyer contains the emperor's throne and has many decorative vertical pillars. The Hall contains a stage and is where Fry's, and presumably other emperor's, pre-coronation gala was held. The Harem is a small room which contains several shelves with Trisolian women in bottles, of which the Emperor can choose any to be his Royal Consort. The Hall of Emperors is a long, thin hall with both sides covered in pictures of previous emperors.


The politics of Trisol are quite simple, the High Priest helps the Emperor rule the planet, while the Prime Minister runs the planet.


The Emperor is the all powerful ruler of Trisol. The Emperor becomes Emperor by assassinating the previous Emperor, but is then likely only to rule for one week, before being assassinated themselves. At the Emperor's coronation, they have to flawlessly recite the Royal Oath, and, upon failure, they are instantly executed. They have the power to appoint the Prime Minister.

Fry briefly ruled as Emperor of Trisol, after unwittingly drinking the previous Emperor Bont whilst delivering a package to the palace. Fry's reign is cut short however, after it is revealed that Emperor Bont is still alive in Fry's belly. The Trisolians attempt to rescue their original Emperor by killing Fry in a giant juicer. Luckily however the Planet Express crew is able to extract Emperor Bont by making Fry cry him out before the Trisolians can storm the throne room. Bont is then reinstated as Emperor, and Fry and his companions are presumably pardoned.

High Priest

The High Priest's main role is to advice the Emperor, and since (on average) a new Emperor is put on the throne every week, the High Priest often acts as a guide to the newly appointed Emperor. Murg is the only known High Priest.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's role is uncertain. However it is likely that, because of the fact that the previous Prime Minister, Gorgak, was seen doing things such as being the master of ceremonies at the pre-coronation gala and presenting the Emperor with a package, the Prime Minister does simple things like this. The only known Prime Ministers are Gorgak and Bender (who was Prime Minister during Fry's reign). However, as Gorgak promised to be a "forceful and effective administrator," it would appear that the Prime Minister could possess administrative power and political significance. And, being that it is advised that Fry select the previous appointee this could suggest that there is consistency in political administration through the prospective continuous service of the Prime Minister, which could provide stability in spite of the turbulence surrounding the short reign of emperors.

Additional Info


Listed below are known Emperors in order of ascension:

  • Throm the Chunky
  • Hudj the Dewy
  • ...
  • Plon
  • Strug
  • Shwab
  • Olof
  • ...
  • Zorn the Stagnant
  • Ungo the Moist
  • Bont the Viscous
  • Fry the Solid
  • Bont the Viscous
  • ...


  • The name "Trisol" comes from the combination of words "tri-" and "-sol", meaning three and sun respectively.