Universal Poker Championship

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Universal Poker Championship
Universal Poker Championship.png
The 3009 edition.
TypeNo limits hold 'em poker
Held whenAnnually
Held whereMars Vegas
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

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The Universal Poker Championship is a no limits hold 'em championship held in Mars Vegas every year. In 3009, the show was hosted by Penn & Teller, and its contestants consisted of "Tex" Connecticut, Smiley Smith, Boobs Vanderbilt, Bender Bending Rodríguez, Philip J. Fry, Lrrr and Curly Joe. After a tense duel between Fry and Bender as the final contestants, Bender won in a stroke of luck, when he was dealt the additional "King of Beers" coaster, which gave him a hand of 5 kings. "Tex" Connecticut and Boobs Vanderbilt died during the event when two giant prop cards fell on them and killed them both.

Adittional Info[edit]


    Penn Jilette: Looks like Boobs Vanderbilt has a decent pair. Also, she's got two eights.

    Penn Jilette: I don't believe it! Bender has been dealt the King of Beers, a coaster from the bar that somehow got mixed into the deck... but it still counts!