31st century

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For the real timeline, see 31st century at Wikipedia.

The 31st century began on January 1, 3001 and will end December 31, 3100.

Major Events

Alternate Realities

Leela sleeps with Fry.
  • Leela kills Professor Farnsworth by kicking him into his pit of man eating anteaters.Zoidberg begins investigating.
  • Hermes finds the video will which shows Leela killing the Professor, so she kills him too by chopping him up and putting him in the garbage disposal.
  • Bender catches her disposing of the body, so he tries to extort her. She kills Bender using a microwave and it's radioactivity, and she turns Bender into a go-kart.
  • Amy insults her by saying that the go-cart is sexier than her, then dies by being stuffed inside a grandfather clock.
  • Zoidberg gathers the remaining staff in the Accusing Parlour. Cubert, Scruffy and Nibbler meet their demise as they are about to reveal the killer, all on the same sword.
  • Zoidberg finally works it out, only because he gets a letter from Bender he wrote before he dies, but Fry leaves before he can say and Leela kills Zoidberg.
  • Fry works out who the killer is after Leela says she's eating lobster. Leela stops him from talking by having sex with him, which he likes.

  • Professor Farnsworth transforms Bender into a human using a technique he refers to as "reverse fossilization".
  • After discovering how to utilize his new body, Bender uses it to over-indulge on junk food, beer, and cigars, much to the dismay of the Professor, who wants to keep Bender in top shape and present him to the Nobel Prize ceremony a week later.
  • Bender spends the entire week on a massive binge. He is discovered shortly before the ceremony, weighing about 1000 pounds.
  • The committee threatens to kick the Professor out of the Academy of Science, but Bender urges the committee to keep an open mind and try his hedonistic lifestyle. They accept his request and hold a wild 12-hour party, realizing that they prefer Bender's way of life. They attempt to award him a Nobel Prize, but then discover that Bender has been dead since shortly after the party started.