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*[[DOOP Army|The DOOP Army]]
*[[DOOP Army|The DOOP Army]]
*[[DOOP Helicopters]]
*[[DOOP Helicopters]]
==Additional Info==
==Additional Info==

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Democratic Order of Planets
DOOP Logo.svg
LocationWeehauken, New Jersey, Earth
Organisation typeIntergalactic supranational organisation
First appearance"Love's Labours Lost in Space" (1ACV04)

The Democratic Order of Planets (known commonly by its acronym, DOOP) is a collective organization of planets who gather together to provide a limited sort of shared governance. The extent of their real authority is unknown, but they have been compared to the United Nations, or the Federation from Star Trek.

They were briefly housed in a four hundred billion dollar ($400,000,000,000) space station orbiting The Neutral Planet, which was destroyed by Zapp Brannigan during the ceremony to celebrate its completion (2ACV02). Afterwards, they returned to their former, somewhat derelict headquarters in Weehauken, New Jersey.

DOOP maintains a fleet of ships which, under the direction of their flagship the Nimbus and its captain Zapp Brannigan, engage in a variety of humanitarian conquests (2ACV17), as well as occassionally being called in to defend a member planet (1ACV12)

Known Officials & Officers

New DOOP headquarters

Known Member Races & Planets

Although an Omicronian is seen during the trial, he isn't wearing an orange sash, so it can be assumed that Omicronians are not members of the DOOP (which explains their frequent war-like behaviour).

Old DOOP headquarters


Additional Info


DOOP Rot.gif
  • The DOOP logo is a rotational ambigram, which means that it appears the same upside-down as it would normally. This may be an important aspect of logos meant to be used in space, as there is no traditional "up" or "down".