Dwight Conrad

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Secondary character
Dwight Conrad
Dwight Conrad.JPG
Agesee Age
Date of birth2989
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"The Route of All Evil" (3ACV12)
3ACV12, 4ACV06Bumper Robinson
All other appearancesPhil LaMarr

Dwight Conrad is the son of Hermes and LaBarbara Conrad. He goes to school with Professor Farnsworth's son/clone, Cubert, his best friend. He lives with his family in an apartment.


Dwight is born in 2989, the same week as the professor begin to clone himself. When he was 12, he attended the Wozniak Nerd Academy with Cubert Farnsworth until they were fired to have attacked Brett Blob with salt. To prove their parents that they could work, they launched Awesome Express, a newspaper-delivery company which somehow replaced Planet Express. But, instead of delivering newspapers, they were dumping them on the Moon, fortunately their parents make things go better (3ACV12). He joined the Planet Express blernsball team against Cygnoids (3ACV16). After seeing Calculon's big birthday party on the TV, he and Cubert decided to make a birthday party. But Cubert and Dwight's party is a fail, nobody came. To be cool, they decided to imitate Bender. Eventually, the Fathers Against Rude Television make Bender's character to disappear of TV, and Dwight remains as before. (4ACV06). In 3004, after the $300 tax rebate, Hermes bought Bamboo Boogie Boots to his son. With the one cent left, Dwight bought 5 shares of Amazon.com (4ACV16). In 3007, his father had his head cut off and his mother choose Barbados Slim as a new "father" for Dwight. He was briefly renamed Dwight Slim. He later took part in the battle for Earth (BBS). In 3008, he played Dungeons & Dragons with his Cubert, a Chinese Boy and an Indian Boy. They initiated Bender to the game, which drive him crazy (BG). He attended the costume contest in Comic-Con 3010 with his Indian friend and his Chinese friend, dressed as a Brain Spawn (6ACV11).

Character Description


Dwight is proud of his Jamaican ancestry and wears his hair in dreadlocks and a shirt showing the Jamaican national colors. His best friend is Cubert Farnsworth, and has two other friends: an Indian and a Chinese whose names are unknown. Dwight is, like Cubert, a nerd and is therefore a target for bullies such as Brett Blob. As a nerd, he enjoys reading book about Mathematics,(Mathematical Principles of Accountancy, The Mathketball Diaries), playing role-playing games, (Dungeons & Dragons), or cosplay (Costume Contest). He is eager to become a bureaucrat, like his father, but his devotion to this goal sometimes causes him to be boring and refuse to have fun. However, he is still capable of having a good time with Cubert.


Dwight is born in 2989, making him 29 in the current period of the show. However, he still looks exactly as he looked in 3002. He only turned 13 in "bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television" as did Cubert and hasn't shown any variation sice.



Dwight was originally voiced by Bumper Robinson, but his new voice is Phil LaMarr, who also voiced Hermes, Dwight's father.

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    Dwight: But Pops, I don't wanna have fun. I want to be like you, boring but prudently invested.

    Dwight: MY MANWICH!