Hal's Roach Bombs

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Hal's Roach Bombs
Hal's Roach Bombs.png
Bender holding a box of Hal's Roach Bombs, in 3013, outside Planet Express. [7ACV25] Also seen are Fry and Leela.
First appearance"Stench and Stenchibility" (7ACV25)

Hal's Roach Bombs is a brand of fogger that, in 3013, Bender used to clean Zoidberg's dumpster. [7ACV25] The bugs in the dumpster ran out and crawled onto him. He then killed them by stepping on them, which drew the attention of Randy, who was organising a tap-dance contest.

Additional information


  • The name "Hal's Roach Bombs" is a reference to American actor Hal Roach.
    The front part of Bender's box reads "KILLS THE LITTLE RASCALS!", a reference to the series of short films The Little Rascals, created by Roach.
  • In "Spanish Fry", Bender uses his head as a bug zapper.
  • In "Benderama", Hermes mentions putting away roaches.


    Bender: Step aside, people! I got bug bombs.


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