Headless clone of Agnew

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Headless clone of Agnew
Nixon and the headless clone of Agnew.png
The headless clone of Spiro Agnew with Richard Nixon's head in 3012 (7ACV02).
AgeNo older than 15
Date of birthBetween 3009 and 3012
Date of death3013
SpeciesHuman clone
Planet of originEarth, United States, Maryland
ProfessionVice-President of Earth
RelativesHeadless body of Agnew, Last clone of Agnew
First appearance"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche
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The headless clone of Spiro Agnew was Vice President of Earth, serving under President of Earth Richard Nixon, and was a clone of the headless body of Agnew. He was created between 3009 and 3012 after the Feministas accidentally killed the original Agnew with a runaway golf cart (ItWGY). He was identical to his predecessor, including being a body preserved without a head (instead of the other way around), and could make noises without any vocal cords. The clone of Agnew was first seen attempting to evacuate Earth with President Nixon in the presidential spaceship while a solar flare knocks out the Earth's electricity (7ACV02).

Agnew was killed by Omicronian leader Lrrr's son Jrrr in 3013 (7ACV16) and succeeded by the last clone of Agnew.

Additional info


  • The Agnew clone's vice presidency contradicts "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular", where Dick Cheney is seen serving as Vice President. However, due to the non-canonical nature of the episode, Cheney may not have actually been Vice President in the series.
    • It is also possible that Cheney was filling the post while Agnew was being cloned, and stepped down once the clone was completed.
  • According to Nixon, this particular clone is his "second-to-last Agnew".
    • Thus, his successor is the last clone of Agnew


    [Inside the presidential spaceship. Nixon and Agnew are seated. Agnew is pushing a button, attempting to start up the ship.]
    Agnew: [Grunts.]
    Nixon: Oh, let me try, headless clone of Agnew! [Nixon's robotic arm presses the button, but fails to start the ship.] Damn thing just won't turn over. It's like Pat on a Sunday morning!