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Secondary character
The first image of Season 6.[6ACV01]
ProfessionWriter, director and producer at Everybody Loves Hypnotoad
First appearance"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" (3ACV07)
Voiced bySynthesiser

The Hypnotoad is a large toad with oscillating, multicolored eyes, who can hypnotize anything at will, including an entire crowd of Humans, by making a loud, buzzing noise. It is an Earthican celebrity, and has two shows of its own: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, which it writes, directs and produces, and Hypnotoad On Ice.


The Hypnotoad has used its ability on many: a few sheep and the judges at a pet show,[3ACV07] an announcer, whom it hypnotized to death,[BBS] and the viewers of the return of Futurama.[6ACV01] It also had its image shown in the V-GINY, which suggests it is censorable,[6ACV02] one of its webisodes featured on the eyePhone,[6ACV03] and Hypnotoad On Ice interrupted by breaking news on Hedonismbot.[6ACV07] With no relevance to the story, it was seen in Everybody Loves Hypnotoad numerous times.[4ACV06][6ACV11] The Hypnotoad is rarely seen not hypnotizing.[ItWGY]

As a meme

The Hypnotoad is also a well known meme (also known as an Internet phenomenon).[1] It is used as an interruptor of sorts. Its usage usually involves it being mentioned in a sentence, which is abruptly interrupted in the middle with ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.


  • "Hypnotoad is stuALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD."
  • "Why is this Hypnotoad video so popuALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD."

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