LaBarbara Conrad

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Secondary character
LaBarbara Conrad
LaBarbara Conrad.JPG
Planet of originEarth (Jamaica)
RelativesHermes Conrad, husband
Dwight Conrad, son
Barbados Slim, ex-husband
First appearance"A Flight to Remember" (1ACV10)
Voiced byDawnn Lewis

LaBarbara Conrad (formerly LaBarbara Slim) is the wife of Hermes, and mother to Dwight. However, she has not always been attached to Hermes and was once married to Barbados Slim, Hermes' bitter limboing rival during the 2980 Olympics and again during the 3004 Olympics. She lives with her family in an apartment.


LaBarbara is generally portrayed as a good wife to Hermes Conrad. However she abandoned him twice during Bender's Big Score and returned briefly to her ex husband Barbados Slim, simply because she didn't like the fact that Hermes had to have his head put in a jar. However she eventually realised that there were things more important than physical appearances and though she confessed she'd married Hermes for his body, she said that she was staying with him for his mind. She does appear to love and respect her husband, and she has supported him on several occasions. According to Professor Farnsworth, she's a terrible cook.

Additional Info

Hermes variations

Along with her husband, she also makes the "of" references, including...

  • Sweet she-cattle of Seattle!

As well as green snake references...

  • Like a green snake through a sugar cane cake!

(Both instances, from Into the Wild Green Yonder, were met with disdain from Hermes.)

She also occassionally calls Hermes "husband", similar to Hermes calling LaBarbara "wife" or "woman".


  • LaBarbara is much taller than her rather short husband.
  • She can play the steel drum quite well.
  • She admires Hermes for his accountancy, organizational and limboing skills.
  • She joined the company vacation on board the Titanic.
  • After Hermes was banished to the sewers for harboring a mutant, LaBarbara is seen dancing at Bender's 100th delivery party with Barbados Slim.
  • Dawnn Lewis provides the voice of Mrs. Bailey, a Jamaican woman, which is very similar to that of LaBarbara, in the The Cleveland Show episode "Murray Christmas".