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Petroleum Oil
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)

By the year 3010, all of the Earth's Petroleum Oil reserves would be used up. However, in a non-canon segment of The Futurama Holiday Spectacular, Bender Bending Rodriguez uses it in Robanukah. He creates a new tradition for the holiday that involves Fembots like Ruth and Esther to wrestle in it, while wearing bikinis. When he realizes that they only have enough oil for four and a half weeks, when Robanukah lasts for six and a half, and that there is no more oil in the Earth, he convinces the crew to drill deep into the Earth. However, the pressure makes half of the ship cave in, killing all the crew members except for Bender. After staying in the Earth for 500 million years, the dead crew turn into Petroleum Oil. Bender collects an amount and goes back to the surface, and is surprised to find that the oil that was supposed to last for four and a half weeks actually lasted for 500 million years. He proclaims it a miracle.

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