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Omicronian Larva.jpg
TypeFood, Omicronians
First appearance"The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)

Popplers are undeveloped Omicronian young. They are born in large pits on an unattended, nursing type-M planet, watched over by nanny cams. These larval Omicronians have an irresistible taste to humans and many alien species.

Popplers were first discovered by hungry Planet Express employees Fry, Bender and Leela. The taste of the then-unknown objects was so addictive that they filled the Planet Express Ship and brought them to Earth, where an exclusive deal was struck to serve them at Fishy Joe's fast food restaurants.

Popplers ceased being eaten after their true origin was revealed and Earth was invaded by Omicronians (2ACV15).

Additional Info


  • The Planet Express crew initially named Popplers "Tastycles", but it sounded too much like "Testsicles". When informed that the only two names not trademarked were "Popplers" and "Zitzers," they agreed on Popplers.
  • Fishy Joe's sold Popplers using this jingle:
Pop a Poppler in your mouth,
When you come to Fishy Joe's,
What they're made of is a mystery,
Where they come from, no one knows,
You can pick 'em,
You can lick 'em,
You can chew 'em,
You can stick 'em,
If you promise not to sue us,
You can shove one up your nose.
  • They bear an uncanny likeness to KFC's Popcorn Chicken, but KFC launched that after this episode was made.


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