Second Omicronian invasion of Earth

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Second Omicronian Invasion of Earth
Omicronian Saucers 1.jpg
ResultVictory to the Omicronians
Appearance"The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)
Side ASide B
DOOP ArmyOmicronians
Zapp BranniganLrrr
DOOP ArmyOmicronian Saucers
Free Waterfall Jr.Unknown

The second Omicronian invasion of Earth happened after "Fishy" Joseph Gilman started selling Popplers at his restaurant chain Fishy Joe's. The Omicronians attacked Earth revealing that the Popplers were actually Omicronian young. The Earth defenses were too slow to react and the Omicronians seized control of the planet... again. The Omicronians originally wanted to eat a human for every Poppler eaten, but as there weren't enough humans to be eaten (198 billion to be precise), Zapp Brannigan managed to persuade Lrrr to only have one human killed. Although Lrrr originally chose Leela as she was the first to eat a Poppler, he was persuaded not to br Jrrr. When Free Waterfall Jr. started annoying the audience, he was eaten instead and the Omicronians left the planet. The following Third Omicronian Invasion of Earth was precipitated by Lrrr's midlife crisis.

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