Third Omicronian invasion of Earth

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Third Omicronian Invasion of Earth
Omicronian Liberty.jpg
The Omicronian Statue of Liberty was built after the invasion.
ResultVictory to the Omicronians
Appearance"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" (6ACV11)
Side ASide B
DOOP ArmyOmicronians
Zapp BranniganLrrr
DOOP ArmyPlanet Express, Orson Welles' head and handcrafted saucers
Kif Kroker's legNone

The Third Omicronian invasion of Earth actually started as a ploy to get Lrrr's wife Ndnd to think that he invaded Earth and be attracted to him again. The Planet Express crew got Orson Welles' head to recreate his famous War of the Worlds routine, except this time on video and with fake paper props in the background. However, this ploy worked too well and Zapp Brannigan heard of it and surrendered immediately, making Lrrr the ruler of the Earth. While Lrrr is happy that Ndnd loves him again, he eventually confesses that this whole thing was really a trick and Ndnd forces him to choose between her and the one who nagged him while she was gone. He picks Ndnd and they leave Earth back to its regular state.

It was followed in 3013 by the failed Fourth Omicronian Invasion of Earth, "led" by Jrrr, though the only casualty was Agnew and resulted in a blockade of Omicron Persei 8.

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