Robot Devil

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Secondary character
Robot Devil
Robot Devil.jpg
Ageover 743
Date of birthbefore 2275
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionRuler of Robot Hell
First appearance"Hell Is Other Robots" (1ACV09)
RegularDan Castellaneta
In "A Tale of Two Santas"Maurice LaMarche

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The Robot Devil is the dark lord of Robot Hell, where robots of the Temple of Robotology go after having sinned.

The ruler of Robot Hell, he spends most of his time dishing out ironic punishments and gambling with souls. He has a holiday home in Hell's Kitchen in New New York that he bought from Kathie Lee Gifford's Head.


Robot Hell, where the Robot Devil rule (1ACV09).

It is unknown when the Robot Devil was built, but he has probably been around since at least 2275.


  • Dan Castellaneta modeled the Robot Devil's voice after Hans Conried, a character actor and voice actor whose credits include Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan and Snidley Whiplash in Dudley Do-Right.[1]


The Robot Devil possesses many unusual abilities. He can summon fire at will and can cause it to appear in his hand or on his finger (1ACV09, 6ACV19). He is also shown to be strong, as he ripped Bender's arm off with a tug of his wrist. He is also an accomplished singer and can play the violin (1ACV09).

He also has several abilities which seem almost mystical. He can cause a pen to appear in his hand out of thin air, and is the only thing other than Robot God that can see robot ghosts. He has also shown some control over Robot Hell, causing flames to burst up from the ground (6ACV19).

He can also swap hands with anyone by doing a quick move (4ACV18) and is one of only two robots who can free a robot ghost from Limbo (6ACV19).

Additional Info


  • The Robot Devil is also a collectible toy, featured in the Toynami Futurama series 1 to 3 as a build-a-bot.
  • The Robot Devil is an accomplished solid gold fiddle player.
  • He has a very high-pitched scream.
  • Robot Hell is actually in New Jersey.
  • He considers Bender to be more evil than he is.


    Bender: Aw, hell- I mean, heck.
    Robot Devil: 'Salright, you can say that here.

    Prisoner: [To Bender disguised as Robot Santa.] Hey Robot Santa, when you see the Robot Devil... tell 'im I'm'a comin'!
    Bender: [Walks to next cell.] Hey that guy says...
    Robot Devil: I heard him!

    Robot Devil: Can I have my hands back?
    Fry: No!
    Robot Devil: You're not nice!

    Robot Devil: You can't just have your characters announce how they feel... that makes me feel angry!

    Robot Devil: Wow, that was brutal even by my standards!
    Bender: No backsies.



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