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This template contains the plot outline for the last three acts of The Beast with a Billion Backs, which is the same as the plot of "5ACV08" (5ACV08). The content of this page is included on both of those articles to avoid the need to change the same content in two locations.

Act I

Everyone turns on Yivo, who admits that mating was schlis original intention, but explains the thrill of perversion wore off and schle truly fell in love with everyone. Schle defends schlerself by saying that no one got hurt because of it, but Amy points out that Kif was killed when trying to kill schler. Yivo redeems schlimself by absorbing Kif's remains and bringing him back to life. Kif reunites with Amy, but he is dismayed to discover that Zapp talker her into sleeping with him. Yivo asks to start over with their relationship and pulls schler tentacles out of everyone.

Meanwhile, Calculon and Bender commence their duel with planetary annihilators, but Bender breaks the rules of the duel and fires early, maiming Calculon and blasting a giant hole in several buildings, including the League of Robots' headquarters. Calculon is outraged, but instead of banning Bender from the club as initially implied, he resigns his position as leader of the League of Robots and gives it to Bender, along with a very warm autograph.

Act II

Yivo asks everyone in the universe out on a date at the same time and, after consideration in a serious council, they agree. The night goes very well, but everyone feels that schle hasn't made any commitment. In another council, they agree to break up with schlim. As they prepare to go through the Anomaly, Bender wants to come as well, but he is unable to. Feeling offended, Bender goes to Robot Hell where he trades his firstborn son for all the other robots there so he can assemble an army of robots large enough to overthrow humanity.

Everyone else enters the Anomaly via a small wooden box to break the news to Yivo, but schle proposes to them before they can do so. Everyone is so touched that they are unable to refuse the offer. Bender initiates his plan to take over the world, but Fry announces that because they are getting married, they will be moving onto Yivo's body, since schle is unable to breathe beyond schler own universe. Everyone in this universe ascends to the Anomaly on a series of golden escalators. Stricken by the irony that humanity has already left without trouble, Bender now truly feels alone.


Yivo makes everyone promise to never make contact with any other universes for as long as they are together. Leela still believes that Yivo is using them for some erotic purpose, especially when she sees that schlis body looks exactly like Heaven. Schle explains that schle once transmitted an image of schler body to artists on Earth: the clouds are gases that schle emits, and that schle is covered with birds that look exactly like angels which keep schlis body free of parasites. One evening, Fry writes a letter to Bender back on Earth, now ruled by the robots, depicting his experiences on Yivo—this ultimately breaks his promise to Yivo. When Bender receives the letter, which is made of electromatter, he decides to bring humanity back to Earth.

Leela does see that everyone is living like it really is Heaven, but she still feels that it is too beneficial to be true. But it doesn't take long before she begins to feel lonely, and she finally accepts Yivo for what schle is doing. As soon as everyone in the universe is happy, giant harpoons begin emerging from beyond the Anomaly and pierce Yivo in the back, causing schlim great pain. It is shown that Bender is leading his army and drags Yivo into their own universe where they attack schler.

Fry convinces Bender to spare Yivo, because they are all so happy together. However, Yivo examines the robots' weapons and sees that they are lined with the electromatter from Fry's letter. Realizing that Fry has broken his promise, Yivo's heart is also broken and places everyone of the robots' vessel. Schle prepares to leave for schlis own universe with great haste for the sake of schlis survival, but finds schlimself unable to take fry with schlim for what he has done. Instead, schle takes Colleen, whom schle feels understands schler emotions and has inspired her to settle for one man at a time. Yivo convinces Fry to return home and move on with his life before returning to schlis own universe through the Anomaly, which closes shortly after.

Fry takes Yivo's advice and begins looking for love: Leela typically rejects him as she always does, and Amy cannot take him as, as testy as her relationship with Kif is now, she is still his Fonfon Ru, though this is uncertain as "Fonfon Ru" literally translates to "one who doesn't sleep with my superior officer"; Kif also finally gives Zapp a very well-deserved punch in the gut for sleeping with Amy. Farnsworth and Wernstrom also go back to being archrivals. Soon everyone gets into a big argument that is broken up by Bender. The complain how they were all so happy and in love before Bender's previous intervention, but Bender claims that what they experienced was not love, as love doesn't share itself with the world—in his own words, "There is no great love without great jealousy!" The episode ends with Bender giving Fry and Leela a big hug around the neck (which strangles them), telling them how much he loves them.