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Some cops can read minds.

Some cops can


And some cops get help from angels.

But there's still one cop with no special abilities whatsoever.

His name is me. ← Sanfazer (talk) 19:27, 21 April 2018 (CET the Central Extra-Terrestrial). Hi. How are you?
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Articles that I wanna make

Sanfazer's usurp age on April 18th 2014.
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    Character: Abraham Simpson create

    Commentary: Anthology of Interest I create

    Character: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon create

    Allusion: Back to the Future create

    Character: Barkeep (from "Bendless Love") create

    Character: Barney Gumble create

    Allusion: Battlestar Galactica create

    Commentary: Bender Gets Made create

    Miscellaneous: Bender's five-o'clock rust create

    Character: Bender's grandmother create

    Publication: Bible create

    Character: Bob Dole's head create

    Character: Carl Carlson create

    Character: Celine Dion create

    Character: Clancy Wiggum create

    Character: Comic-Book Guy create

    Character: Commodore LXIV create

    Entertainment: Cop Department create

    Publication: The Cornwood Times create

    Publication: Daily Mirror create

    Place: Dick Francisco create

    Allusion: Disneyland create

    Place: The Elegant Elephant create

    Entertainment: Essence of Elzar create

    Allusion: Fiddler on the Roof create

    Character: Gil Gunderson create

    Place: Giorgio Armonster create

    Place: Golf-pants museum create

    Website: Google create

    Character: Groundskeeper Willie create

    Character: Hans Moleman create

    Catchphrase: I'm back, baby create

    Allusion: Isaac Asimov create

    Allusion: Isaac Newton create

    Character: Jackie Chan create

    Place: J. Edgar Winter Building create

    Character: Jeff Foxworthy create

    Character: Joe Quimby create

    Character: John Pemberton create

    Character: Jojo create

    Character: Jonathan Frink create

    Product: José Servo Tequila create

    Technology: Juice-A-Matic 4000 create

    Character: Kang and Kodos create

    Place: Kansas create

    Character: Kent Brockman create

    Character: Krusty the Clown create

    Character: Lenny Leonard create

    Allusion: Life in Hell create

    Place: Little Bitaly create

    Place: Long Long Island create

    Character: Lou (The Simpsons) create

    Character: Luciano Pavarotti's head create

    Character: Mel Gibson's head create

    Character: Milhouse Van Houten create

    Character: Mine spokesman create

    Publication: Mini-Golf Digest create

    Product: Mister Sifter Lifter create

    Allusion: Moby-Dick create

    Character: Moe Szyslak create

    Product: Mom's Caustic Anti-Fungal Bleach create

    Character: Mr. Teeny create

    Technology: Murdolator create

    Place: Museum of Ancient Weaponry create

    Character: Ned Flanders create

    Place: New Orleans create

    Allusion: Noah's Ark create

    Award: Nobel Prize create

    Publication: Non-Police News create

    Place: Office Depot create

    Allusion: Oreo create

    Product: Pizza create

    Allusion: Planet of the Apes create

    Character: Pope John the Patient create

    Entertainment: Pornography create

    Commentary: The Problem with Popplers create

    Character: Ralph Wiggum create

    Allusion: Relativity (M. C. Escher painting) create

    Character: Rod Flanders create

    Place: Roswell create

    Character: Saint James create

    Character: Sammy "The Mechanical Bull" Gravano create

    Character: Santa's Little Helper create

    Character: Satellite dish (from "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela") create

    Place: Scotland create

    Character: Seymour Skinner create

    Character: Sideshow Mel create

    Place: Sir Francis Drake Hotel create

    Character: Sir Lawrence create

    Character: Snowball II create

    Character: Solomon (the Zookeeper's gorilla) create

    Publication: Somewhat Fantastic Sci-Fi create

    Language: Spanish language create

    Allusion: Spider-Man create

    Character: Spirit create

    Place: The Squatterly create

    Product: St. Jonah's Morphine for Children create

    Entertainment: Super Bowl create

    Character: Ted Turner create

    Allusion: Titanic (film) create

    Character: Todd Flanders create

    Allusion: Tron create

    Character: Vinny create

    Place: Vladimir's castle create

    Place: Wall Street create

    Character: Waylon Smithers create