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Since 2000, Harper Entertainment and Bongo Comics have been releasing Futurama wall calendars. Due to no calendar having been released in Australia for 2000, local calendars show the designs that had been used the previous year in other parts of the world. Most of the time, each year has a theme to it, although 2001, 2003 and 2010 all parody comics.


Year Front Cover Back Cover Additional Details
2000 Cal2000Front.jpg Cal2000Back.jpg
2001 Cal2001Front.jpg Cal2001back.JPG
2002 Cal2002Front.jpg Cal2002Back.jpg
2003 Cal2003Front.jpg Cal2003Back.jpg
2004 Cal2004Front.jpg Cal2004Back.jpg
2005 Cal2005Front.jpg Cal2005Back.jpg
2006 Cal2006Front.jpg 2006calendarback.JPG
2007 2007 calendar alternate.JPG Back2007calendar.JPG
2008 Cal2008Front.jpg Cal2008Back.jpg
2009 2009 alternate calendar.JPG Cal2009Back.jpg
2010 2010alternate.png Cal2010Back.jpg
2011 2011alternatecalendar.jpg Futurama-2011-Back-Cover.jpg
2012 2012 Calendar Front.jpg 2012 Calendar Back.jpg
2013 2013 Calendar Front.jpg 2013 Calendar Back.jpg
2014 2014 Calendar Front.jpg A 2014 calendar is featured in Futurama: The Complete Series.