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Wiki Formatting

Bold and Italicied text

To make text bold, simply enclose it in a triple set of single-quotes '''like so'''. For italics use a ''double set''.


Bulleted Lists

To make a bulleted list, simply make a list and prefix everything with an asterisk ('*'). For sub-items or intention, just add more.

**Season 1
***Space Pilot 3000
**Season 2
**Season 3

will be displayed like this:

  • Series
    • Season 1
      • Space Pilot 3000
    • Season 2
    • Season 3

Numbered Lists

To create a numbered list, use the same format above, replacing the asterisk with a number sign.

##Season 1
###Space Pilot 3000
##Season 2
##Season 3

will be displayed like this:

  1. Series
    1. Season 1
      1. Space Pilot 3000
    2. Season 2
    3. Season 3


To insert a section heading, enclose the heading name in '=' signs. Similar to bullet lists, more = signs makes it a lower-level heading. On this page, "Wiki Formatting" is a level 2 heading (==Wiki Formatting==), Headings is a level 3 (===Headings===)

Level 2 has a horizontal separator line below it - This is useful for separating larger sections of content. Higher level numbers make for progressively smaller heading text. By using headings through your article, a table of contents will automatically be inserted at the beginning of the page.

When using headings, make sure you don't skip a level. I.E., don't use a level three heading without first using a level two heading. (Since the title of the page is a level 1 heading, you shouldn't need to use a level 1 heading.)

Preformatted text

Preformatted text can be created by preceding each line with a space, like so:

           [email protected]@-

Which will output the following:

          [email protected]@-

This can be useful for presenting code, such as HTML, or for preserving the spacing of ASCII art (like above). Alternatively, use <pre> tags around it to get the same result, however, <pre> works like <nowiki> tags.


If you want to upload an image, just click on the "Upload file" link on navigation bar on the left of your window. Click on "Browse" and select the graphic file you want to upload.

To use a picture that has been uploaded on a page, use the wiki tag Image.

[[Image:BillyWest.jpg|Billy West]] This is Billy West on the left.

Billy West This is Billy West on the left.
To position a picture on the right side of the screen instead, just add "|Right" after the file name.

[[Image:BillyWest.jpg|right|Billy West]] This is Billy West on the right.
Billy West

This is Billy West on the right.

To make it a framed thumbnail image, add "|thumb"

[[Image:BillyWest.jpg|right|thumb|Billy West]] This is Billy West thumbnailed on the right
Billy West

This is Billy West thumbnailed on the right

In addition, users are allowed three personal images. Two of the images may be up to 706x540 (the same as the screenshots). The third image must be no higher than 16px, and less than 20k (not enforced, but be cool), and can be used for sigs (see below). By "personal" this means pictures that aren't used in any Futurama-related article, but are used on your User page.