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Throughout the Infosphere exist so called appearances lists, these lists are intended to give the reader a perspective of where the topic at hand appears throughout Futurama. Hence their name.

Adding Appearances

When you add to a character's appearance list an episode or film in which the character in question does not have any lines, or when you add to the appearance list of an episode or film a character who does not have any lines in the episode or film in question, please say in the summary box (below your editing window) around what time the character appears, or your edit may be reverted.

If you are adding an appearance in an episode of season 7 in which the character speaks, please say around what time they appear as well, as most transcripts for season 7 currently do not identify speakers. The same goes for comics. If it is an episode, you can instead say what it is that the character says.


Next to these lists are certain icons. Each of these icons represent a different type of media that the subject at hand appeared in.

The current icons (as of 5 March, 2009) are as follows:

  • Episode
    • This icon represents episodes.
  • Film
    • This icon represents films.
  • Special episode
    • This icon represents special episodes.
  • Comics et al.
    • This icon represents comics, and variants thereof, such as mini comics and special issues.
    • Note: A current consideration is to split this icon into one for comics, et al., one for mini-comics and one for special issues.
  • Game
    • This icon represents video games.

The reason for giving the representation of the media is for the reader to decide whether they consider this important, but for some fans of the show, comics and games are regarded as non-canon, and these icons helps to differentiate the one media from another.

List Sequence

The recommended order for the appearance list groups the appearances by their icon type and arranges the items within the groups by their production numbers. The first group of appearances should be the one in which the article's topic first appeared; For example Donbot has the episode appearances first, while Space Boy in Outer Space has comic appearances first.

The exception to this is the film and episode articles, which are grouped together in production order. Mentions of a character prior to their first appearance may also be added to the list.