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This article is about dealing with canon, for information on canon on Futurama, see canon.

In Futurama, canon is a difficult thing to deal with, because it can widely be up to what people will regard as canon.

This issue means that the Infosphere has to decide on some rules about how to regard what and what as canon, non-canon and questionable/supported canon.

Types of content

The game

Any article describing content that only originates in the game are considered non-canon, regardless of whether they actually contradict an episode or comic.



Large comic related or total comic related articles may vary in canon consideration. Some fans only regard the episodes as canon, while others also consider some of the comics to be canon, whenever they don't contradict facts stated in an episode.


  • {{comic-canon}}
    • This template is for general comic related article, that does not fit the 3 templates below, it will describe that a group of the fans does regard comics as canon, and will label it as "questionable canon".
  • {{comic-ep-canon}}
    • This template is for content originating in a comic, but would later appear in an episode thus making it plausible that the TV edition has accepted the story from the comic as canon. It will be labelled as "supported canon".
  • {{comic-non-canon}}
    • If a comic related article contradicts an episode in a minor or major way, this article will label the article in question as "non-canon".
  • {{comic-4th-canon}}
    • Comics have been known to have fourth wall breaks in some issues, however, while its content may not be directly contradicting, the fourth wall issue makes it for "non-canon".

Special issues/episodes

Special issues, such as "Futurama Returns" and special episodes such as Everybody Loves Hypnotoad on the DVD of Bender's Big Score are questionable or non-canon.


  • {{special-canon}}
    • In case its content does not have too many fourth wall breaks and other issues, it can be labelled as "questionable canon".
  • {{special-non-canon}}
    • In case it does, it shall be labelled as "non-canon".


Merchandise are widely regarded as non-canon.



For all other content, there should not be any notice, as it means it is regarded as canon.