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Futurama has a number of "sponsors" that are generally shown as a cold opening, before the title credits. They first appeared in season 2. Due to time constraints, sponsors were not featured in season 7.


(In order of appearance)

Image Episode Slogan/Jingle

Glagnar's Human Rinds

Glagnar's Human Rinds.jpg "I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)
It's a buncha muncha cruncha human!

Arachno Spores

Arachno Spores.jpg "The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)
The fatal spore with the funny name!
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Molten Boron

Molten Boron.jpg "The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)
Nobody doesn't like Molten Boron!
The singers hired to sing the tune used the incorrect "Nobody does it like Molten Boron". It was edited to take the "n" sound and put it after "does" to make the correct version.

Thompson's Teeth

Thompson's Teeth.jpg "Insane in the Mainframe" (3ACV11)
The only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth!

Torgo's Executive Powder

Main article: Torgo's Executive Powder
Torgo's Executive Powder Sponsorship.png "Bender's Big Score Part 1" (5ACV01)
Only Torgo's packs the power of five highly paid television executives into every can for maxim odour absorption.
When your toilet smells like faeces,
from some disgusting species;
make it take a powder,
with Torgo's!

Cash Bone

Cash Bone sponsorship.png "That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)
Cash Cash Cash! 4 Your Bones! Too many bones?? Not enough cash?? Call Cash Bone! Ribs! Skulls! Spines! Even certain tiny ear bones! The leg bone's connected to the CASH BONE!

Gunderson's Unshelled Nuts

Main article: Gunderson's Unshelled Nuts
Gunderson's Unshelled Nuts.png "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)
It's nut'so good!

Mutual of Omicron

Mutual of Omicron.png "Naturama" (7ACV13)
Insuring your world, and its destruction.

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  • There was also a deleted sponsor, on the Volume Two DVDs, called "Soylent Chow" ("Because it's a dog-eat-dog world") with Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo saying "Rit's rearry rood!".
  • Cash for bones may explain Amy's missing rib(s) in "Rebirth". Though her missing ribs may have just been a animation mistake.