Record-your-own-message card

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Record-your-own-message card
Record-Your-Own-Message Card.jpg
TypeGreeting card
First appearance"Crimes of the Hot" (4ACV08)

The record-your-own-message card is used to congratulate people on anniversaries (birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc) or simply greet them. Fry bought Leela a card for her birthday in 3010. The card has a small camera that allows the user to record the message and usually turns on automatically.

By 3050, the record-your-own-message card was somehow improved (or has become obsolete), as Leela considers the one Fry bought her in 3010 to be "old".


A record-your-own-message birthday card.

People in the 31st century are not supposed to use the card the way people in the 21st century were. They're not supposed to sign it, but to record a video greeting instead. One can record a greeting video nude, but doesn't have to since it's not mandatory. (Amy, however, has never recorded a non nude greeting video.)

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    Fry: I just have to sign Leela's birthday card. How do you spell "XO"?
    Amy: Guh! It's a record-your-own-message card. You don't sign it. You leave a nude video greeting.
    Fry: Does it have to be nude?
    Amy: I guess not. That never occurred to me.

    [Fry's birthday card left by the forward time machine hits Leela.]
    Leela: Ow! [Leela regains composure.] How odd. It's one of those old record-your-own-message birthday cards.