Storyboard:A Farewell to Arms

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Storyboard for
"A Farewell to Arms"
A Farewell to Arms storyboard - Scene 189.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "A Farewell to Arms" was released by Countdown to Futurama on 12 May, 2012.[1]

Scenes 189 and 190

Zapp sits in the pilot's seat of a seemingly ancient spaceship, poking at the controls. He then looks up at the overhead console. Kif sits next to him, holding a pen in his left hand and a clipboard in his right. Zapp pushes a button on the console. A stone door situated above Kif slides open. Snakes fall out and onto him, leaving him neck-deep in snakes. He looks at the snakes before shifting his focus on Zapp, who reports: "Snake door. Roger." Kif sighs.

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