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Storyboard for
"The Bots and the Bees"
The Bots and the Bees storyboard 11.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "The Bots and the Bees" was released by Countdown to Futurama in May 2012 (from scenes 194 through 197 on 6 May [1] and from scenes 183 through 186 on 7 May). [2]

Scenes 183 through 186

In apartment 00100100, Ben - who is happily sitting on a high chair - laughs. Fry - who is sitting on the couch - glows in a seemingly dusty fashion. Bender - who is standing in front of the high chair and holding what appears to be a bent lamp - exclaims "hey, he stopped screaming for a second". Fry tells Bender to "bend some other stuff". Bender grabs a fork from the floor and bends it. Ben antics, laughs and jumps up. Bender drops the fork as he reaches for an aluminum bat and bends the aluminum bat. Ben, once again, antics, laughs and jumps up. Bender drops the aluminum bat as he reaches for Fry's left leg and bends Fry's left leg backwards at the knee. Fry screams, Ben antics and Bender settles.

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Scenes 194 through 197

In a playground, Bender launches Ben out of a swing. Ben sails through the air over a street and crashes through a window. The camera zooms out - revealing a sign above the window reading "SECOND FLOOR / BANK OF NNY" - and then zooms in. Ben climbs up and out the window holding a bag full of cash with his right hand.

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