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I am been thinking of this for a while now; we need some strict rules on category names and usage.

Category names.
Category names should always be in a sentence case format and in plural (where applicable). For instance, the current Category:Human should be renamed Category:Humans and Category:Heads in Jars should be renamed Category:Heads in jars. But Category:Meta or Category:Production should not be pluralised.
Category usage.
This is mostly applicable to names of crew members, but these people should always be listed by their surname, then their other names, e.g. "Cohen, David X." for David X. Cohen.
Category style in pages.
Currently, many categories are placed at the top of a page, just before the infobox and/or its first section. This is a strange method, and does not make use of MediaWiki's feature to correctly place them at the bottom, where their line breaks will be ignored. I recommend moving them from the top (where they are a disturbance when editing articles) to the bottom of the articles, like on Wikipedia.

I realise some of these categories are already WIDELY in use on the wiki, and will those require a bot to clean up the styles of these. But before I will launch the bot to perform these 'simple tasks', I would prefer an approval by the community of these changes. --Sviptalk 12:27, 5 April 2010 (CEST)

Well, sounds good to me. Many of the crew articles are already structured like that, however characters should be given an official categorisation sort order. Which would be to put their more frequently used name first eg. "Fry, Philip J." and "Hattie McDoogal" could be used in categorisation (article names would remain obviously).
There's another categorisation issue to be addressed in regard to characters at some point, but it doesn't fall under style. - Quolnok 12:45, 5 April 2010 (CEST)