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This image does not conform to the Infosphere's standards.

It is either too small, of poor quality (JPG artefacting), not illustrative, or cropped (full screenshots are preferred).

Please upload a new version that conforms to the following criteria:

  • Images from the show must be full screenshots, at their original size (see Standards for info on sizes)
  • When saving, use JPG quality 10 or better, to avoid ugly artefacting, the bandwidth is quite fine for now. Don't worry about size. (try to keep it below 150kb, just for load-time's sake)
  • Make sure the image is representative of the article it is meant to be in. If the article is about a planet, try not to include characters in the image.
  • Do not crop the image to frame an object or character. Also, do not create transparent gif's for articles (they're fine for user pages). It's better if you can get a full frame of what you're trying to show. It's almost always possible. Cropping is only acceptable when removing the black sidebars from Season 1 and early Season 2 screenshots.

Images not directly from the show must be created by you, so that you have copyright, and the right to post the image here. Do not take images from other websites and put them here unless you created them.

Specific problems with this image: {{{1}}}