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'Twitter, slowly rebranded as X is an online microblogging and social-networking service that lets users send and receive 140-character text messages called tweets. Users can subscribe to other users' tweets, which is referred to as becoming one of a user's followers. Headquartered in San Francisco, United States, the website was created on 21 March 2006 and was launched three months later, on 15 July. It has been described as "the S.M.S. of the internet". Elon Musk acquired the brand in 2022 and was renamed to X in 2023 after his now defunct site which became PayPal.

Futurama has referenced Twitter at least three times.

References to Twitter in Futurama

Additional information

Hermes using the eyePhone's Twitcher app. [6ACV03] Note the stylisation of "Twitcher", similar to that of "Twitter".


  • In Bender's Game, it is revealed that Leela has a blog.
    • In "Cold Warriors", it is also revealed that Leela uses Facebook.
  • In "Attack of the Killer App", Fry and Bender share videos on Twitcher. In 2012, Twitter acquired an app called Vine, which lets users create and share six-second videos.
  • Crew members made many revelations concerning season 7 on Twitter.
  • The original maximum number of characters for a tweet was the same as the total number of Futurama episodes.


    Mom: Amazing. Some dumb bastard has nearly a million other dumb bastards following his every twit!

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