Worlds of Tomorrow Downtown District

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The Downtown District was the second district available in Worlds of Tomorrow. It was unlocked by the Omicron Persei 8 Artifact.

Shipping District Downtown District Central Park District


Image Name Cost Class Description
Bender WOT.png Bender Hypnotons.png 25
Comes with Robot Arms Apartments


Image Name Cost Build time Description
Robot Arms Apartments WOT.png Robot Arms Apartments Hypnotons.png 25
Comes with Bender


Image Name Cost Description
Traffic Light WOT.png Traffic Light Nixonbucks.png 75 Featuring extra long yellows for drivers on the go.


Good To Great

Fry WOT.png I have an idea. Maybe if I wear my hair in a Fry-Fro. Leela will come back to me. I'll need help fluffing my 'fro with a 50-million-volt electrical shock.
Professor WOT.png That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. How can I help?
Fry tries to look hip. Level Up Fry to Level 2. Have Fry Get A Fry-Fro.
Fry WOT.png I don't understand... Getting a Fry-Fro didn't bring Leela back.
Amy WOT.png Also, it made you smell like burnt mutton.
Fry WOT.png Oh, then that explains it. Leela hates lamb.
Goal complete: Good To Great (Nixonbucks.png 50, Xp-wot.png 25)