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==== Nominees ====
==== Nominees ====
==== Winner ====
==== Winner ====

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1074th Academy Awards
Academy Awards.png
TypeAward ceremony
Held when3001
Held whereLos Angeles
First appearance"That's Lobstertainment!" (3ACV08)

The 1074th Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles in 3001, hosted by Billy Crystal's head, and attended by, among the most notable, Florp, Joan Rivers' head, Jack Nicholson, Harold Zoid, Calculon, and Dr. Zoidberg.


Best Cinematography in a Non-Visible Spectrum

Announced by Billy Crystal's head.


  • Unknown.


  • Unknown.

Best Soft-Drink Product Placement

Announced by the soda machine Robot.



  • Unknown

Best Actor

Announced by Dr. Zoidberg.



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    Joan Rivers' head: Hi, I'm Joan Rivers' head. I tell you, I've had so many face-lifts, they finally lifted it right off my body! It's true, it's true!

    Billy Crystal's head: [The curtain lifts. He is atop a giant Oscar statuette.] Now I know how a Pez dispenser feels. [The audience laughs. Jack Nicholson bangs his chest.] Oh, you like that one, Jack? [He impersonates a gorilla.]

    Dr. Zoidberg: And, instead of the fifth guy, Calculon, for his powerhouse performance in The Magnificent Three.
    Man #1: Uh-oh. He read the wrong name.
    Man #2: [Whispering.] Shh, just play along, like they did for Marisa Tomei.