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Animatic for
The Bots and the Bees
Ben Rodriguez (Bots and the Bees animatic).jpg
Ben Rodríguez, as seen in the animatic.
On DVDVolume 6
Transcript available

An early animatic of "The Bots and the Bees" was included on the Volume 6 boxset. The animatic is exclusive to BD-Live.


Bender's son with the Planet Express soda machine is born. Bender decides to name him Ben, after the first syllable of his first name. Ben then burps out fire, much like his father does.

The scene then cuts to a montage of Ben and Bender bonding by doing typical father-son activities, mixed with typical activities Bender would do, including: fishing (and using the rods to steal Sal's wallet and the Queen of Yonkers' crown); biking (into a liquor store, and robbing the store of alcohol); and playing on swings (with Ben being swung through the window of the New New York Bank and stealing money from it).

Later at Planet Express headquarters, Bender demonstrates his bending skills to Ben. He then gives Ben a "training girder" to bend; however, he fails to successfully bend it, disappointing him. Bender cheers him up, telling him that he is only learning, and that in time, "he'll get there". Leela shows up to apologize to Bender for pre-judging him as a bad parent; Ben and Bender then taunt Leela for being wrong. Ben then asks his father how he got his skills in bending. He reveals that he inherited his arm control software from his mother, as the software is passed down from mother to son; this disappoints Ben, as he cannot inherit any arm control software, since his mother did not have arms. Bender offers an alternative, which is to get a bending card installed into him. However, when Professor Farnsworth inspects Ben, it is revealed that the card cannot be installed either, as Ben only has one expansion slot, which holds his memory card; the Professor concludes that he will never be able to bend. Bender angrily tells him not to tell Ben what he can or cannot do, as he doesn't know what's in Ben's heart. The Professor takes this literally, inspecting Ben's chest compartment and failing to find an expansion slot within it.

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