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Tertiary character
RelativesAmy (owner)
First appearance"Where the Buggalo Roam" (3ACV10)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Betsy is a buggalo owned by Amy Wong and the Wong Family. Amy found her and raised her from a larvae that ate one of Amy's sweaters. When the Native Martians kidnap all of the Wongs' buggalo in "Where the Buggalo Roam", Betsy remains safe because she was hiding in Amy's hamper at the time. When Amy is kidnapped, Kif rescues her by flying Betsy, an ability that no one else had except for the Martians. She is very fond of Amy, affectionately licking her on the cheek, and becomes fond of Kif as well, even following him miles from the Wong Ranch.

Additional Info


  • The Wongs planned on eating Betsy at Amy's wedding, she was presumably eaten at her Fonfon Rubok instead.
  • Ate one of Amy's sweaters when she was a kid.