Big Boy Karate

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Big Boy Karate
Big Boy Karate.png
Exterior of Big Boy Karate, in 3013. [7ACV15] The object in the top-right corner is the new Planet Express ship.
LocationNew New York
First appearance"2-D Blacktop" (7ACV15)

Big Boy Karate is a karate school in New New York. In 3013, Leela dropped off Fry and Bender there, [7ACV15] at Hermes' request, in a new, safer Planet Express ship, and picked them up along with some of the Cookieville orphans. On that day — a Wednesday —, they learned spinny kicks. Each of them — Fry, Bender, Sam, Nina, Sally, Albert, and two other orphans — left the school holding a trophy. Albert was also holding an ice-cream cone.

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    Hermes: I need you to pick up a few groceries.
    Oh. And on the way... drop off Fry and Bender at karate class.


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