Conspiracy nutter

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
"Conspiracy nutter"
Conspiracy Nutter.png
The conspiracy nutter on 9 July 1947. [3ACV19]
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

The "conspiracy nutter" was a photographer who accompanied US president Harry S. Truman to take photographs of the debris of an alien space ship. He manages to take two photographs during his visit, one of Truman and one of the Planet Express Ship at which he shouts "UFO! UFO!". [3ACV19]

Interestingly, none of his photographs turn out to be what they were taken of, but rather other similar unsolved or debatable events.

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    Conspiracy nutter: UFO! UFO!