Free Waterfall III

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Free Waterfall III
Free Waterfall III.jpg
Planet of originEarth
RelativesSee Waterfall family
First appearance"Who's Dying To Be A Gazillionaire?" (US#005)

Free Waterfall III is the son of Free Waterfall Jr.. He was a contestant on Morbo's game show Who's Dying To Be A Gazillionaire?. He wanted to donate prize money to save a holographic rainforest. However, he was shot with a laser for answering the one million dollar question incorrectly and died from the injury.

Additional Info


  • He is the first family member to exclusively appear and die in a comic, so he is the only Waterfall to not be voiced by Phil Hendrie.
  • He is the first family member to die at the beginning of the story and as such, the only to have no impact on the storyline.