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Secondary character
Joey Mousepad
Planet of originEarth or perhaps Sicily 8
First appearance"Bender Gets Made" (2ACV13)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Joey Mousepad is the least intelligent of the Robot Mafia's goons. He takes his name from the computer mouse and mousepad that hang around his neck. He is a member of the League of Robots.

Character Description

Like Clamps and Donbot, Joey is good at intimidating others, though only for his job. Joey is however lacking in intelligence and has a generally friendly personality. He seems to have some innocence, as he didn't notice when Donbot claimed his idea as his own. Despite being stupid, Joey is the most level-headed of the mafia.


It's unknown when, where, or why Joey Mousepad was built. At some point, he became a member of the Robot Mafia under the leadership of the Donbot, including becoming the Donbot's driver. In 3001, Joey participated in the Zuban cigar heist of the Planet Express ship (2ACV13). He was placed on the Robot Santa's Naughty List when he is seen beating up a shopkeeper who didn't pay his protection money (3ACV03). It was Joey who publicly announced the Robot Mafia's support of the robot strike against the Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant, and informed the Donbot that Flexo (actually Bender in disguise) was spending money he had earned as a strike breaker (3ACV06). Later, he joined the Big Robot Party in the Galápagos Islands (4ACV08).

After surviving the party, he later fought in the Battle for Earth against the Scammer Aliens (5ACV04). He was revealed to be a member of the League of Robots (5ACV06), and later taught Bender a lesson by shooting him repeatedly after Bender had an affair with Fanny (5ACV13). Some time later, Joey was incarcerated on Will Riker's Island alongside Bender and Roberto (6ACV04). Joey was the doorman for the wedding of the Donbot's eldest daughter, and was surprised to learn that Clamps' real name was "Francis". He attempted to tamper with the jury during Donbot's trial, and intimidated Calculon to lie about what happened to him (6ACV14).

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Additional Info


    Joey Mousepad: Hey kid! This here turf's our turf!
    Clamps: Next time, it'll be yer head in da' clamps! CLAMPS!

    Joey Mousepad: Yo! There's our pigeon now. Let's shoot bullets out of our guns.

    Joey Mousepad: Hey, boss, this here crew list lists a robot on this crew here.

    Joey Mousepad: This guy's an ox! He's got oxen-like strength! Hey, he needs a nickname, right? Let's call him Clamps.
    Clamps: Clamps? That's my name, you numbskull!

    Joey Mousepad: Yo! The Mafia supports you. But don't tell no one. Spread the word.

    Joey Mousepad: Yeah, but what if management remains intragnizent?
    Donbot: From the context it is clear what you mean.

    Joey Mousepad: Psst. Over there.
    Bender: Where?
    Joey Mousepad: I mean over here. Sorry, I forgot where I was.

    Judge 724: [Seeing a badly bruised Calculon carried by Joey Mousepad.] Calculon, who is that escorting you?
    Hedonism Bot: Yes, who?
    Calculon: My...personal trainer. And he's trained me to say that my wounds were self-inflicted. For, you see, I'm "a big Hollywood idiot dumb guy what does dat sorta ting".
    Joey Mousepad: Poifect!