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LocationNew New York, Earth
BusinessRobotics, package deliveries and multiple other businesses
First appearance"A Fishful of Dollars" (1ACV06)

MomCorp is a worldwide company, mostly owned by Mom. The most well known cornerstore of MomCorp, Mom's Friendly Robot Company is the manufacturer of most of the world's robots. They also produce the preferred brand of robot oil, Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil. Mom presents an image to the public of a sweet, kind, frail old woman, but this is a façade maintained for PR. Behind the scenes she rules the company with an iron fist, and will lie, manipulate, and even outright steal in order to make the company succeed. The company is among the leading universal industrial trusts and seems to have the market really cornered.

The history of MomCorp is mostly unknown. In 2801, a company named "Friendly Robot Company" (which created the Robot Santa Claus) already existed, [2ACV04] probably later taken over by MomCorp. Professor Farnsworth worked for MomCorp as early as 2881. [2ACV10] [2ACV14]

Mom owns 99.7% of the company. Her sons Walt, Larry and Igner each own 0.1%. [3ACV21]

Company Information

Known Employees

Former employees


  • Trademarks
    • "Mom"
    • "Love"
    • "Screen Door"
  • Subsidiary companies
  • Corporate headquarters
  • MomCorp flagship

Products Sold

The MomCorp HQ [console game]
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Additional Info

The MomCorp flagship [3ACV21]


  • The MomCorp flagship is shaped similarly to Mom's hair.
  • Mom's Friendly Robot Company was known as the Friendly Robot Company in 2801. At that time Mom had not yet been born, unless she is over 200 years old, which is unlikely.
  • Manufactured robot slaves until Robot Lincoln ended robot slavery.
  • The name refers to the Commodore VIC-20, which was advertised as The Friendly Computer. Bender is powered by the MOS 6502 microprocessor, [1ACV13] which is the same Microprocessor (MOS 6502B) the Commodore VIC-20 was powered with.
  • Three of the original members of Planet Express (Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, and Dr. Zoidberg) [1ACV01] have been members of MomCorp.