Raoul Inglis

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Secondary character
Raoul Inglis
SpeciesHuman (Mutant)
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionSupreme Mutant
First appearance"I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Raoul Inglis is a mutant who has a third arm where his right ear should be, which impairs his hearing, and many odd growths. He holds office of Supreme Mutant, a four year term similar to that of a president or mayor. He seems to be romantically linked, possibly married, to Vyolet.

Additional Info



    Raoul Inglis: Welcome to our village. It may not be Paris but it has a certain quaint charm that I, for one, wouldn't trade for the world.

    Raoul Inglis: Let's have a tissue-tape parade!
    Bender: No, thanks!

    Raoul Inglis: This time I'm calling for the death penalty. And not just because I'm running for re-election as Supreme Mutant.
    Mutants: [chanting] Four more years! Four more years!