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CEOSheldon and Gwen
First appearance"Love and Rocket" (4ACV03)

Romanticorp is a corporation that makes romantic things like Lovey Bears and conversation hearts. It also checks which pickup lines are most attractive. It has been managed by the married couple Sheldon and Gwen for over 30 years. Despite being romantic the products are made unpleasantly including heart shaped boxes are made from recycled garbage, lovey bears genetically grown and killed, and conversation hearts made of bone meal and earwig honey.

For a brief period, Planet Express made a contract with Romanticorp to deliver their conversation hearts. However, probably due to loss of the hearts into a quasar, Planet Express' contract was cancelled.



  • Romanticorp Building
    • Lovey Bear garden
    • Lovey Bear "Hospital"
    • Romance Acceleration Lab
    • Conversation Heart Factory

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