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|title=''Worlds of Tomorrow''
|title=''Worlds of Tomorrow''
|image=[[File:Futurama wot 2.png|225px]]
|caption=The official logo for the app.
|label1=Written by
|label1=Written by

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Worlds of Tomorrow
Futurama wot 2.png
Directed byMatt Groening, David X. Cohen
Developed byTinyCo
Platform(s)Mobile (Android / iOS)
External links
Official website

Worlds of Tomorrow is a Futurama-themed mobile game released on June 29th, 2017[1], that features stories written by writers from the TV series and stars the show's original cast.


A fully-animated trailer for the game was released on the 17th May, 2017. The trailer features Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Lrrr (all voiced by their original voice actors from the series) and the Hypnotoad.[2]

Additional Information


    Leela: Hey, Fry, wanna make-out behind the Smell-O-Scope?
    Fry: Leela, shh! I'm playing an exciting hypno-game!

    Amy: This game is the schmizz! Is it available on android?
    Bender: It's available on this android, baby!

Alien-language sightings

    Time: N/A
    Location: Bottom of the signup section on the app's official site
    Language: AL1

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