21st century

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The 21st century was the century starting on 1 January, 2001 and ending on 31 December, 2100.


The 21st century was an era of fast technologic development, but it also marked many environmental crisis (the most notable being global warming). One problem was that Earth ran out of natural petroleum oil in 2038. Many cities, such as Old New York, had garbage crisis that were later solved by launching garbage to space. By 2060s, early spaceships had been developed, which were used to mine ice from Halley's comet to prevent global warming. In the end of 21st century, cyborgs enslaved humanity, but by the beginning of the 22nd century humans were again dominant species of the planet.


Major Events

  • 2000Fry gets frozen for 1000 years.
  • November, 2000 ― George W. Bush wins the Presidential race when Bender dashes through a collection room in Florida and destroys the ballots that presumably would have won Gore the race.
  • 2002 ― A barge filled with New York's garbage starts floating around the oceans of Earth for 50 years, as no country will take it, not even "that really filthy one".
  • 2008 ― Stop 'n' Drop becomes America's favorite suicide booth.
  • 2012 ― The War of 2012, in which Conan O'Brien loses his legs.
  • 2038 ― Earth's petroleum reserves dry out.
  • 2052 ― New York city uses mob connections to send its garbage into space.
  • 2063 ― Humanity starts dropping ice cubes into the ocean to counteract global warming.

Events with unknown dates

  • Cyborgs enslave humanity. (Most likely, after 2063.)