A.V. Club

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A.V. Club
A.V. Club.jpg
The A.V. Club preparing for their meeting.
LocationFry's high school
Organisation typeAudio visual club
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
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The Audio-Visual Club at Fry's presumed high school was mentioned briefly in the storyboard for "Space Pilot 3000". While Leela is hooking Fry up to the biographic projector, he tries to impress her by saying that if she needs help with the cables, he can help because was in the A.V. Club. While viewing his life on-screen a little later, it's shown that Fry was actually rejected multiple times from the A.V. Club.

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  • The A.V. Club sequence, as well as the rest of the biographic projector scene, was ultimately cut before the final episode aired.


    Leela: This is a biographic projector. It'll help me assign you your place in society. [Approaches Fry with red and black stereo wires.]
    Fry: Listen, if you need help with those cables, I was in A.V. Club. [She suction-cups the wires to his head.]

    Fry: [As a teenager.] Can I be in the A.V. Club?
    Nerdy teen: For the nth time, no.
    Less nerdy teen: And stop going around telling people you are.