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Storyboard for
"Space Pilot 3000"
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The storyboard for "Space Pilot 3000" was released as a special feature on disc 1 of Volume One of Futurama. The storyboards for Act I and II are dated 2 July, 1998, and Act III is dated 6 August, 1998 (revised 26 August and 23 October, 1998). The storyboard artists are John Mathot for Act I, Peter Avanzino for Act II, and Rich Moore and Gregg Vanzo for Act III. Acts I and II contain notes written by David X. Cohen.

For each storyboard, there is a notation indicating which scenes are in it. In addition, a brief summary of each sections storyline is provided.

This version of the storyboard greatly differs from the final episode in both characters and storyline.

Act I

Scenes 1-16

Scenes 17-49

  • Scenes 17-19: Fry sits down with "Walt's" pizza, grabs a beer, and salutes the New Year.
  • Scenes 20-31: The world counts down the New Year. Fry prepares his noisemaker.
  • Scenes 32-37: Fry blows his noisemaker, falls into the cryogenic chamber and is locked in.
  • Scenes 38-46: The years pass outside the chamber. The First Destruction of New York City, the Second Middle Ages, and the Second Destruction of New York City take place.
  • Scene 47-49: Fry wakes up and gets out of his chamber.
    • Note: no scene 48.

Scenes 50-70

  • Scenes 50-51: Fry groggily walks over to the window. He looks outside and exclaims "Holy sh--". Cut to main titles.
  • Scenes 52-58: Fry finishes his sentence with "--it". Fry meets Leela and her eye for the first time.
  • Scenes 59-67: Leela discusses her eye and her alien origins.
  • Scenes 68-70: Leela tells Fry that it's the year 2999. Surprisingly, Fry expresses his relief at that fact because he no longer has to deal with his job or the jerks he knew.

Scenes 71-87

  • Scene 71: Leela notes Fry's quick adjustment to the future. Fry sips his beer.
  • Scenes 72-74:Fry discovers the malfunctioning doors, and gets his medical examination.
  • Scenes 75-79: Fry finds out that Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is his closest living relative. He remarks that his sister must have married Eddie Farnsworth.
  • Scenes 80-85: Leela hooks Fry up to the biographic projector which will review his life and help Leela determine his fate assignment.
  • Scenes 86-87: Flashback to right after Fry's birth. He is getting his foot inked and pressed into his birth certificate.

Scenes 88-112

  • Scene 88-91: Learning Fry's full name: "Philip J. Fry", born July 13, 1975. Fry kicks his doctor in the groin, and cut back to the present.
  • Scenes 93-100: Leela cuts to Fry's teenage years. Images of him watching The Simpsons; in Dave Borden's office; and in his A.V. Club with nerdy teens.
  • Scenes 101-104: Cut to Fry's adulthood. Fry is being scolded by his girlfriend Janet for working on the New Year. Leela turns off the projection.
  • Scenes 105-109 : The machine indicates Fry is a loser. Fry vows that things will be different this time, but the machine assigns Fry as a delivery boy.
  • Scenes 110-112: Fry begs for anything else. He is informed that if he refuses, he will be fired --

Scenes 113-131

  • Scene 113: -- out of a cannon, into the Sun. Leela points out the "You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do" poster.
  • Scenes 114-120: Leela attempts to implant Fry with his career chip. She lunges at him.
  • Scene 121-124: Fry dodges her and she falls into the cryogenic chamber and the dial turns to 1000 years. Leela demands to be let out but she instantly freezes.
  • Scene 125-130: Fry starts to leave, but takes pity on Leela and sets the dial for 5 minutes.
  • Scene 131: Fry leaves through the door, but it closes on him. End of Act I.

Act II

Scenes 132-142

  • Scenes 132-136: Fry walks around and absorbs his new surroundings. Boys zoom past him on hover scooters, and a dog with a jetpack chases a cat with a jetpack.
  • Scenes 137-138: Fry sips his beer, and looks up to see the Tube Transport System.
  • Scenes 139-142: Fry enters the tube and asks to go to the Empire State Building. He is quickly sucked into the system and screams above the streets of New New York.

Scenes 143-156

  • Scenes 143-147: Fry zooms past the Statue of Liberty and goes underwater, passing fish, robot fish, and the wreckage of the Circle Line.
  • Scenes 148-149: Fry arrives back at street level, the tube widens and he passes a violinist. Commuters successfully exit the tube at the Empire State Building, but Fry flies right into the station steps.
  • Scenes 150-153: Fry walks past the Empire State Building and vending machines for Slurm, Steaming Meat Shanks, and Sex. Fry pulls out his wallet in front of the Sex machine, but only has $1 and Sex is $1.25.
  • Scenes 154-156: Fry finishes his beer and throws the can on the ground. A cleaning-bot emerges from the curb and scoops up the can.

Scenes 159-168

  • Scenes 157-158: The cleaning-bot goes to an antiques store and sells the can for $5000. It plans a Palm Beach vacation.
  • Scenes 159-160: Fry sees what he believes is a phone booth and gets in line so he can call Professor Farnsworth. He stands behind an alien.
  • Scenes 161-162: Fry meets Bender, who is in line behind him. He questions if Bender is real, and Bender responds with "Bite my shiny metal ass".
  • Scenes 163-166: A debate about the shininess of Bender's ass, and then Fry turns back in line. The alien steps into the booth, and it's revealed to be a suicide booth.
  • Scenes 167-168: Fry steps into the booth and slaps the start button repeatedly. Bender comes in and tries for a "two-fer".

Scenes 169-176

  • Scenes 169-170: Bender puts his coin-on-a-string in and yanks it back out. Fry tries to make a collect call, but accidentally asks for the "slow and horrible" mode of death.
  • Scenes 171-172: A knife comes down and Fry panics and starts flailing. Bender simply says "bring it on, baby!", and properly introduces himself to Fry.
  • Scenes 173-175: The knife springs forwards but Fry ducks to the side, knocking Bender with him. The knife retracts and both are thanked for using Stop-N-Drop.
  • Scene 176: Fry runs out of the booth, and Bender decides to take him drinking.

Scenes 177-183

  • Scene 177: Fry drinks Slurm and Bender enjoys Olde Fortran, with Bender commenting that he doesn't need to drink, he can quit anytime.
  • Scenes 178-183: Bender discusses bending girders and his job as a bending unit. He says he couldn't live anymore once he found out what the girders were for.

Scenes 184-197

  • Scenes 184-190: Bender reveals the girders were for suicide booths. He ingests his liquor bottle, and tries to leave and kill himself again but Fry stops him with an offer of friendship. Bender decides to call Fry his "debugger" so people don't think they are robosexuals. Fry suddenly ducks under the bar.
  • Scenes 191-194: Fry spots "the Martian", Leela, standing outside. She spots Bender looking at her and enters the bar, and Fry's hiding place is exposed.
  • Scenes 195-197: Fry and Bender are running. Leela chases them, and they run towards a museum.

Scenes 197-209

  • Scenes 197-200: Bender sprints up the museum steps with Fry in tow. They run into the building and into the "20th century" gallery and duck behind shelving units.
  • Scenes 201-203: Fry looks around and sees head jars, and is disgusted.
  • Scenes 204-206: Leonard Nimoy's head greets Fry to the Head Museum. Fry stands up and asks him to do "the thing", but Nimoy sternly says he doesn't do that anymore.
  • Scenes 207-209: Nimoy says the heads have lives of quiet dignity. The heads are then promptly fed by an attendant. Fry spots Leela entering the gallery, and ducks out. Leela looks around.

Scenes 210-218

  • Scenes 210-214: Fry and Bender are behind the heads trying to blend in, but Fry accidentally gives himself away. Bender runs, and Leela comes around to install Fry's career chip. Fry asks why she's doing it, and she says because it's her job.
  • Scenes 215-218: Fry backs away from Leela and into the U.S. presidents shelf. He knocks Richard Nixon's head off, fails to catch it, and the jar breaks on the floor.

Scenes 219-236

  • Scenes 219-223: Nixon says Fry "made my list". He bites Fry's arm and latches on. Leela and Fry try to get him off, while Bender grabs Boris Yeltsin's head and sips from the jar.
  • Scenes 224-228: Smitty and URL bust into the museum and threaten to arrest Fry and Bender for defacing the heads. Both raise their hands, with Nixon still growling on Fry's arm. Smitty and URL break out lightsabers and start beating Fry.
  • Scenes 229-231: Leela tells them to stop, but Smitty says to "let us handle this, weirdy" and URL starts beating Bender.
  • Scenes 232-236: Leela says he's just a kid from the Stupid Ages; Fry and Nixon resent that. Smitty says "keep your big nose out of this, Eyeball". Leela prepares to kick Smitty for insulting her nose.

Scenes 237-253

  • Scenes 237-241: Leela kicks Smitty across the room. Fry runs as URL comes at her, and grabs Bender before ducking into the Hall of Criminals.
  • Scenes 242-247: Leela knocks URL flat on his back. She scolds Smitty and him about their behavior, but Smitty says that's their job as peace officers. URL says "You gotta do what you gotta do", and Leela is affected by his line.
  • Scenes 248-253: Bender bolts the door shut, but he and Fry see that the room is smaller with one barred window. Bender contemplates testifying against Fry, but Fry suggests that Bender should bend the bars.

Scenes 254-268

  • Scenes 254-255: Bender says he's only programmed for constructive purposes, and Fry asks if he would jump off a bridge if he were programmed to. Bender checks his programming and says "Yep".
  • Scenes 256-261: Leela bangs on the door, and Fry tells Bender that his choices are up to him. Bender ponders this, and says Fry is full of crap. Bender walks away and his antenna breaks a light bulb, zapping him. His opinion changes and he says Fry makes a very persuasive argument.
  • Scenes 262-266: Leela keeps hitting the door, as Bender struggles with the bars and has a crisis over his ability to bend. Eventually, he breaks the bars off and he and Fry cheer.
  • Scenes 267-268: Bender gets a new attitude and declares he will bend what he wants when he wants. He raises his arms in triumph, but they both fall off. End of Act II.


Scenes 269-287

  • Scenes 269-275: Bender picks his arms off the floor, and Leela finally breaks the door in. Fry and Bender escape through the window, and Bender bends the two remaining bars closed to prevent Leela from following. She reaches the window and yells "Wait!".
  • Scenes 276-283: Fry and Bender run off down an alley. Reaching a dead end, Bender spots a grate. He prepares to bend it, but Fry picks it up instead and they both climb down. Bender reaches back up and bends the grate anyway.
  • Scenes 284-287: Fry and Bender climb down a ladder and find the decaying ruins of Old New York. Walking through the ruins, they come upon Fry's old neighborhood.
    • Note: No scene 288.

Scenes 289-309

  • Scenes 289-291: Fry and Bender approach the Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center, and Fry remembers a time he and Janet skated on the ice rink. Cutting back to present, sharks and a large tentacled creature inhabit where the ice rink was. As Fry realizes everyone he has ever known is gone, Leela shows up to implant his career chip.
  • Scenes 292-299: Fry asks Leela to leave him alone. Leela says she knows how he feels, but Fry says she doesn't because he has no home, family, or friends. Leela reveals that she was abandoned on Earth as a baby, and doesn't even know what galaxy she is from.
    • Note: no scenes 296, 300, or 301.
  • Scenes 302-305A: Fry sympathizes with her and gives up, agreeing to be a delivery boy. Fry readies himself for Leela to install the chip in his hand, but instead she removes her own.
    • Note: no scenes 303 or 304.
  • Scenes 306-309: Fry asks Leela what she is doing, and she says she's quitting. She says she's always wanted to, but didn't realize it until she met Fry. She puts her hand in his and they quietly look at each other.

Scenes 310-324A

  • Scenes 310-312: Bender sticks his hand on top of Leela and Fry's hands, saying he just wanted to be part of the moment. Leela discovers that he stole the ring off of her pinky. Bender apologizes and, proud of himself for solving the "mystery" of the missing ring, starts drinking three beers. Leela reminds them that they are now job deserters, unemployed with nowhere to go. Fry corrects her, saying that they are just unemployed, since he has a "doddering old relative to mooch off of" (Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth).
    • Note: no scene 313.
  • Scenes 314-320: We meet Professor Farnsworth as he is sleeping, with Dick Clark's head on TV hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. The Professor awakes when the doorbell rings, and opens it to reveal Fry, Bender and Leela. Fry introduces himself as the Professor's Uncle Fry, but the Professor says he doesn't have an Uncle Fry. Bender shoves himself in and says the Professor does now.
  • Scenes 321-324A: In the Professor's lab, he and Fry have their fingers in a machine, which indicates that Fry is indeed the Professor's uncle. The Professor finds this incredible, but still won't give them any money. He leads everyone on a tour of his lab, showing off his lab table, his work stool, his lengths of wire, and casually mentions his intergalactic space ship behind them. He then opens a drawer filled with wires.

Scenes 325-336B

  • Scenes 325-329A: Fry is astonished by the spaceship, but the Professor wants to show off the lengths of wire he used to build it. Smitty loudly knocks at the door looking for he "job deserters" and threatens to surround them. Leela and Fry gasp, and Bender proceeds to defecate a brick.
    • Note: no scenes 327 or 328.
  • Scenes 330-333A: Richard Nixon's head, being held by Smitty, looks through the mail slot and implores Smitty, URL, and the other police behind him to "get those bums". Bender says "well, we're boned", but Leela proposes using the ship to get away. The Professor says it's technically possible, but he's already in his pajamas. Leela and Fry run past the Professor towards the ship, and Bender carries the Professor in tow. They all enter the ship.
  • Scenes 334-334D: Fry begins pressing buttons, but only succeeds in turning on the coffee machine. Leela takes the flying duties, as she can drive stick. She removes her jacket and takes over the pilot's chair, pushes the gear shift down and aligns the ship upwards.
  • Scene 335-336B: The police are manning laser howitzer cannons outside, and the ship prepares to launch.
    • Note: no scene 336A.

Scenes 336C-364B

  • Scenes 336C-349: The launch timer counts down from ten. The world counts down to New Years 3000 as the ship continues it's countdown to launch, ending with Leela saying "one".
    • Note: no scene 342 or 348.
  • Scenes 349A-354: Fry excitedly shouts "blastoff" as the ship goes straight into the air. The NNY sky fills with fireworks as the police start shooting their cannons wildly into the air, confused by the fireworks.
  • Scenes 355-359: Leela pilots the ship through the fireworks and the laser fire, reaching outer space. The crew celebrates as they exit the solar system.
  • Scenes 360-363: Smitty apologizes to Nixon, and offers to send a killbot out to "arrest" them. Nixon decides to let them go, and takes Smitty and URL out for pound cake.
    • Note: no scene 364.
  • Scenes 364A-364B: Fry laments that they will be job fugitives, but the Professor asks if they would be interested in being his new crew.

Scenes 364C-372

  • Scenes 364C-G: Bender asks what happened to the old crew, but the Professor brushes it off by saying that's not important. Fry agrees to the new job, but Leela points out they don't have the proper career chips. The Professor says that won't be a problem because he still has the chips from his previous crew. The Professor pulls out an envelope labeled "Contents of Space Wasp's Stomach". Three chips fall out of it onto the table.
    • Note: no scenes 364H or 364I.
  • Scenes 365-371: Fry wonders if the job will be exciting, and the Professor says they will be transporting cargo. Fry wonders what his job will be, and is told he will be responsible for ensuring the cargo reaches it's destination. The Professor says "exactly" when Fry asks if this means he is a delivery boy, but Fry is now excited about this.
  • Scene 372: The ship returns to Earth, and the end credits roll. End of Act III and end of the episode.