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Slurm Circle Logo.svg
It's Highly Addictive!
Creator(s)Slurm Worms, Grunka Lunkas (PR)
Slurm Queen (real)
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

Slurm, the number-one soft drink of the future, is refreshingly addictive. It is produced in a factory on the planet Wormulon by a race known only as the Slurm Worms. Their corporate mascot is Slurms MacKenzie, "The Original Party Worm". However, the Planet Express crew discovered it actually comes from a giant worm's behind.

Fry is a huge Slurm fan, and rarely goes more than 12 minutes without one.


Slurm seen on a billboard in a photo from 2851.

Slurm has been around at least since the 2850s, when it was advertised as Slurm Medicinal Tonic. For many years Slurms MacKenzie was Slurm's spokesperson, until his tragic death (1ACV13). He has since been shown advertising Slurm on a TV screen in the V-GINY (6ACV02), but that could also have been an old video, or MacKenzie could have been replaced by a "new" MacKenzie or a clone, or possibly even a robotic MacKenzie.


Slurm has a secret recipe to avoid the disgusting truth - that it is the secretion of a giant Slurm Worm known as the Slurm Queen. The Slurm Queen can also produce Royal Slurm, which, if eaten, turns a larval worm into a queen. This secret was discovered by the Planet Express crew in 3000, and the disgusting revelation lead the Professor to attempt to get Slurm banned, but Fry was so addicted that he foiled the attempt (1ACV13).

Types of Slurm

Slurmee, one of the many types of the beverage.
  • Slurm: The soft drink which is the most common type of Slurm.
  • Slurmee: A frozen version of Slurm similar to the Icee, Slushee and Slurpee ice drinks in reality, as well as the Squishee in The Simpsons.
  • Royal Slurm: A purple liquid which turns people into a Slurm Queen.
  • Super Slurm: So delicious that people cannot resist it and will drink it until they explode.
  • New Slurm: A hypothetical beverage that would've been produced by Leela, had she been successfully transformed into a Slurm Queen by the royal slurm. Because she wasn't true worm royalty, her Slurm would have tasted awful, allowing the company to make billions by re-releasing the old flavour as 'Slurm Classic'. This concept mocks New Coke and the alleged conspiracy that some people believe was behind its creation.
  • Diet Slurm: A version of Slurm that presumably has less sugar and calories. When mixed with Mentos it creates a geyser-like phenomenon, much like this.
  • Enslurm: The Professor drinks this in a flashback in "Overclockwise". It comes in a small, light-blue can.
  • Slurm Loco: Seen on Bev's drink buttons. Those who drink it glow green.
  • Slurm Medicinal Tonic: Slurm in the 2850s was sold as a medicine (much like Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the late 1800s).
  • Slurm Slim: Seen in the Planet Express fridge in "Murder on the Planet Express".



  • Drink Slurm!
  • Slurm - It's Highly Addictive!

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Additional Info


  • The word "Slurm" seems to be a combination of the words "slug" and "worm". It is a registered trademark of 20th Century Fox.
  • The font used for the Slurm logos is "Cooper Black" — the same font used for the opening credits of the show Cheers.
  • Slurm was made into an actual novelty energy drink. The can's tagline is "It's highly addictive".
  • Slurm trucks are seen regularly in Futurama, most notably in the opening sequence. The trucks have also been seen as early as 2849.
  • The Slurm logo makes an appearance in the Oscar-winning short Logorama.
  • If faecal mattter, it is an example of coprophagia (the consumption of faecal matter).
  • Slurm is mentioned by Comic Book Guy in the tablet game The Simpsons: Tapped Out.
  • The knowledge of Slurm being a product of the Slurm Queen's behind may no longer be a secret as she is shown "slurming" Leela after she won an award for Rumbledy-hump.


Technically, Slurm appears in every episode and film of Futurama, as it is in the opening sequence. This list includes appearances outside of the opening sequence only.

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