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A promotional picture showing Amy and Leela at Butterfly Derby which was released by Countdown to Futurama on 31 May 2012. [1]
TypeNutritional supplement,
Steroid-like substance
First appearance"The Butterjunk Effect" (7ACV06)

Nectar is a nutritional supplement and addictive, steroid-like substance. In 3012, Amy and Leela used it to boost their performance in the future sport of Butterfly Derby and temporarily became addicted (7ACV06).

Background & Effects

Ocephalus nectar is an all-natural substance, found in a flower in a remote region on the planet Amphibios 9. Consuming the subtance greatly enhances muscle strength and physique, often used by individuals who partake in Butterfly Derby to increase their skill.

A side effect of consuming the nectar is being attracted to the pheromones of a male butterfly during mating season. If the pheromones comes into contact with a human, they eventually metamorphose into a large butterfly-like creature for a small period of time. Fry is exposed to the pheromones directly, and attracts both Leela and Amy while they are addicted to nectar.

Later, Leela and Amy stop taking the nectar and their addiction and lust for Fry wares off. They prepare to fight their opposing Buttefly Derby team, the Murderflies (who are both addicted to nectar), but are hopelessly outmatched. Just as they are about to fall into a pool of lava and be deafeated, the metamorphosed Fry flies into the arena, immediately attracting the Murderflies away from Leela and Amy due to the scent of the pheromones, thus saving their lives. Fry proceeds to mate with the two Murderflies, then later the skin of the butterfly creature he became breaks open, revealing his normal-self within.


In 2012, Countdown to Futurama introduced Nectar through a post (released on 30 May) [2] and revealed that it was a steroid-like substance through the fifth Futurama podcast (released on 5 June). [3]

Additional Information


  • Nectar is similar to the real-life performance-enchancing drug, steroids.


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