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Comedy Central
Comedy Central.png
LocationUnited States
Organisation typeTV Channel
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Current statusActive

Comedy Central is an American television channel for cable or satellite. It broadcast the second run of Futurama. The channel released many images and bits of information related to the second run from 2010 to 2013 through its Countdown to Futurama.

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  • In Bender's Big Score, Amy gets pop-ups on her computer. One ad says "Watch Comedy Central", an allusion to Futurama being picked up by Comedy Central.
  • In "Rebirth", the Professor describes the Panama Wormhole as a "Comedy Central Channel" after Zoidberg calls it humorous.
  • All episodes are rated TV-14 without any subs on the channel, compared to Fox and Cartoon Network, on which most episodes were rated TV-PG. This may be because Comedy Central aims at an older audience than the other channels. The same thing is applied to Scrubs when it airs on the network as well. However when Futurama broadcasts in local syndication every episode is rated TV-14, this may be due to Matt Groening trying to make the show more adult.
  • The episodes from the original run are heavily edited for commercial time, so some jokes, dialogue and conversations are not seen.