Alien Overlord & Taylor Clerk

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Tertiary character
Alien Overlord & Taylor clerk
Planet of originProbably Earth, USA, New New York
First appearance"Xmas Story" (2ACV04)
First few lines of 1ACV06Billy West
Rest of 1ACV06, and 2ACV04David Herman

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The Alien Overlord & Taylor clerk is the clerk at Alien Overlord & Taylor (2ACV04). When Fry wanted to buy Leela an Xmas present in 3000, he went to the store, but did not find anything good.

Additional Info


  • The clerk was originally voiced by Billy West, and his first two lines remain voiced by Billy in "A Fishful of Dollars", but after he spoke of MasterCard not existing for sometime, he was voiced by David Herman. This was noticed by John DiMaggio in the commentary of "Fishful".


    Alien Overlord & Taylor Clerk: $30, please.
    Fry: $30? I can't afford that. Unless... [He pulls out his wallet.] Do you take Visa?
    Alien Overlord & Taylor Clerk: Visa hasn't existed for 500 years.
    Fry: American Express?
    Alien Overlord & Taylor Clerk: 600 years.
    Fry: Discover card?
    Alien Overlord & Taylor Clerk: Sorry we don't take Discover.

    Fry: There's this girl who I really like, but she thinks I'm a jerk. Can you help me?
    Alien Overlord & Taylor clerk: Yeah, there's a suicide booth in the food court. Though there's a line this time of year.
    Fry: No, I need to get her a gift. And I need it before sundown.
    Alien Overlord & Taylor clerk: Well, you can't go wrong with something traditional. [He picks something up.] A Surface-to-Santa rocket launcher. It comes with three jolly-seeking missiles.
    Fry: [He laughs.] That's funny!
    Alien Overlord & Taylor clerk: [A missile points itself at Fry.] Careful, sir!