Bank vampire

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Tertiary character
Bank vampire
The bank vampire at Robot Arms Apartments, in 3013. [7ACV18]
ProfessionBank worker
First appearance"The Inhuman Torch" (7ACV18)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The bank vampire is a vampire from Count Bankula Vampire Bank who, in 3013, delivered the remains of a medal that Mayor Poopenmeyer had awarded to Bender, which melted in a fire that burned down the bank, to Fry, at his and Bender's apartment. [7ACV18] He was in the bank during the fire, but managed to escape, through the roof door.

Additional information


  • Fry himself is a delivery boy.


    Bank vampire: Ah. Yes. Hi.
    I'm from the vampire bank... that burned down? I have what remains of the contents of a safe-deposit box, belonging to a Bender B. Rodriguez.