Count Bankula Vampire Bank

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Count Bankula
Vampire Bank
Count Bankula Vampire Bank.png
Count Bankula Vampire Bank during a fire, in 3013. [7ACV18]
LocationNew New York
First appearance"The Inhuman Torch" (7ACV18)

Count Bankula Vampire Bank is a bank where there was a fire in 3013, which was likely started by the fire monster Flamo. [7ACV18]

Bender saved a few rich people's money from the fire, including Mrs Astor's, making the front page of The New New York Times. He also kept in the bank a medal that Mayor Poopenmeyer had awarded to him. One of the bank's employees later delivered the remains of the medal to Fry, at his and Bender's apartment.

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    Zoidberg: And don't forget that vampire bank, where the robut keeps his hero medals in a safe-deposit box!


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